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Extra News

Extra News
Wishing Well
Faerie Points
Guild Mall
Birthday Givaways

Newbie Packs:
newbie packs can only be give out after you have been a member for 1 week. all you have to do it go to my trades, make an offer on one of the lots that says guild newbie pack, and ill accept. if i do not, that means either one of the other members have offered or your chance to get it is up. if i reject, just go back and offer again.

1 Neopoints Auctions:
Every so often, i wll put items in the trading post startin at 1 np only. these items are for guild members only so you have to ask to be my neofriend. when the items first go in, the members who have not requested to become my neofriend will not get a chance to go back and request. but once the auctions are over, if not yet you are my neo-friend, thats your 2nd chance to request.

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