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.::.Place 4 You.::.

Faerie Points

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Faerie Points
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The Past Few Guild I Have Been In, The Members Were Really Selfish And Stubborn And They Would Never Want To Donate To The Guild. I Thought, The Donations Would Be Going Towards The Guild Till. They Said They Still Dont Wanna Give Away Their Items. So I Came Up With A Program Called Faerie Points. Faerie Points Is A Activity That Whenever You Donate An Item You Get 5 Faerie Points. Then With All The Items You Donate..You Get FP And Then Every Other Friday I Will Put Items In My Trades, And Under Wishlist, It Will Say "Guild .::.Place 4 You.::. Faerie Points Activity, And Then It Will Say How Many Faerie Points It Is. From There All You Have To Do Is Donate A Junk Item And I Will Accept. I Will Post Everyday How Many Faerie Points You Have And Then You Get To Shop Every Other Friday... Sound Fun? Start Donating!
Any Of The Following Items Donated Will Not Get Faerie Points For That Item:
*Rotten Boots
*Toy Sailboats
*Rotten Foods

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